One of the most important team members at a hearing practice is the Practice Manager. They’re the friendly voice at the end of the phone that books your appointments, answers your questions, sends out your batteries when you’re down to your last and so much more behind the scenes. In short, they keep the place running. We’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our Practice Manager at DigiClear Bishops Stortford and offer an insight into her day.

Oliver: So Lynne, firstly, give us a bit of background on you?

Lynne: I have four children so I took a career break for 16 years to look after them. When I returned to work l joined the NHS and stayed there for 13 years. I then decided to work fewer hours and my best friend saw a poster in the window of a new business in Bishop’s Stortford and thought hearing care would be the job for me. Luckily for me, I got the job!

Oliver: How long have you been at DigiClear now?

Lynne: As long as the Stortford Branch; around 4 years!

Oliver: What’s a typical day like for you?

Lynne: There is no typical day every day is slightly different but what I love is that it’s always busy and varied. One minute we can be working with the latest technology and the next trying to clear a blockage from someone’s ear.

Oliver: A few years ago you qualified as an HCA, what does that mean and what does that help you to do to improve the service we give in Stortford?

Lynne: I enjoyed the HCA (Hearing Care Assistant) course very much, especially the classroom environment. When I passed the final exam and got my HCA certificate, I was proud of myself. It gives me the ability to offer a hearing care service when Allan and Oliver are busy. I can offer ear examinations, hearing screenings and I’m becoming a bit of a wizard at servicing hearing devices.

Oliver: What do you enjoy most about your work?

Lynne: I most enjoying chatting to our clients either face to face or on the phone and being part of a team that provides really great hearing care service. I’m proud of what we achieve every day.

Oliver: Thanks for taking the time out to answer these questions! Can I make you a coffee?

Lynne: Can I have a soy latte? Worth a try!