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Vista Hearing Aids

Whether you’re watching TV, catching up with friends, or at a family gathering, you rely on your hearing everyday. From the big events to the little everyday interactions, we’re committed to ensuring that you never miss a moment.

At DigiClear, our audiologists are highly-qualified and experienced in minimising the effects of hearing loss. We supply a wide range of hearing aids and accessories, so whatever your lifestyle or preferences, there’s a solution for you! One of the hearing aid producers that we’re proud to work with is Vista, a leading supplier in hearing care devices.

Developed with over 50 years of experience in hearing innovations, Vista hearing aids offer a full range of styles and functionality. Vista is focused on providing customers with a well-balanced system, creating a series of devices which deliver clear sound-quality, technology, and comfort in one package.

Vista Platinum Hearing Aids

There’s an option for everyone with the Vista DX range

Vista DX is a family of stylish and comfortable hearing devices with fantastic sound quality and connectivity. Many of the models are also rechargeable, a convenient option if you find replacing batteries fiddly. The varied range means there is an option for everyone. A selection of colours to suit different skin tones, shapes to suit different ear sizes, and types of devices to suit different levels of hearing loss.

Intelligent sound processing

The Vista DX technology provides you with better speech interpretation than ever before. This means that you’ll experience an increased understanding of where speech is coming from and the clarity of speech. Conversations will become easier and more enjoyable for you and your loved ones.

The Vista DX range also includes the Soft Speech Intensifier feature. This emphasises the details when someone is speaking to make it easier for you to understand softer speech in challenging environments.

Not only is speech clearer, but all sounds will feel more natural too. The Vista DX range uses sound mapping, an innovative technology which separates sounds so that you can identify their locations accurately.

Apps and accessories to keep you connected

The Vista DX range offers the option for remote adjusting through the helpful smartphone app. Using the app, you can fine-tune your hearing aids remotely and discreetly to suit your environment. This also means that we’re able to help you calibrate your hearing device remotely, so you won’t need to visit the clinic for small changes if you don’t want to!

Connecting your Vista DX hearing aids to your favourite devices couldn’t be easier! Using Bluetooth, you’re able to link your hearing devices to your smartphone, tablet, or a Vista TV connector so that you can enjoy all of your favourite sounds directly in your ear. Whether that’s the latest blockbuster, some Saturday night TV or a phone call with your grandchildren!

If you’d like to try a device from the Vista DX range, get in touch with our team today. Our friendly audiologists will help assess your hearing loss and which devices are a suitable option for you. Click the button below to book a consultation!