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What are Phonak Lyric hearing aids?

Hearing loss affects a huge number of people. Often, the solution is to fit a hearing aid which can drastically improve the situation. Unfortunately, some hearing aids can leave you feeling self-conscious. Removing them every day and replacing batteries can be a hassle too!

With Phonak Lyric hearing aids, you won’t experience any of these problems. They’re invisible, don’t require constant removal, and even have a better sound quality than many other hearing aids! We’re also offering a free, 14-day trial, so you can try them before you buy.

Don’t let hearing loss stop you from living your life.

Book a consultation with one of our expert audiologists today to discuss how a Phonak Lyric hearing aid can help you. Simply call your local DigiClear hearing care centre or use our online booking form.

What are the benefits of Phonak Lyric over other hearing aids?

Designed for those with mild-to-moderate hearing loss, Lyric hearing aids can be worn for extended periods of time. They don’t need to be removed from day-to-day and, are worn for an average of 8 weeks before being changed by your audiologist. Any aftercare or changes required can also be handled by your audiologist, during your 6-monthly reviews. This means that there’s very little inconvenience involved. Most of the time, you’ll forget you’re even wearing them!

Appearances are key too, which is why a lot of people can be turned away from hearing aids. A lot of them are bulky and stand out! Lyric hearing aids are invisible, meaning that no-one will be able to notice them. They are placed deep within the ear canal during fitting, due to their small size. No more worrying about your hearing aids will look with your outfit!

Finally, the sound quality of the Lyric is improved as well. Due to their position in the ear canal, they utilise the natural properties of your outer ear to improve localisation, feedback, and occlusion. All of this means that you’ll get better results and hear more, even in loud environments.


How do I know if I need hearing aids?

The best way to find out is to book a consultation with one of our audiologists. If you’re concerned about your hearing, they will be able to tell you the extent of your hearing loss and whether you may benefit from hearing aids.

In the meantime, you can always take our online hearing test. This should give you an indication as to whether you are suffering from hearing loss. An online hearing test should always be backed up by a hearing test from an audiologist, though. Our hearing loss help page is also a great resource if you’re still unsure!

Can I try the hearing aids before I buy them?

Yes! After your consultation with one of our audiologists, you’ll be able to try Lyric hearing aids, and any other type of hearing aid, free of charge for 14-days. You’ll receive a card that directs you on how to test your new hearing aids and also a questionnaire to help your audiologist see how you got on.

After 14-days, depending on how you got on, your hearing aids can be modified to better suit your needs. Your audiologist may even decide you would benefit from a different aid or treatment.

Hearing aid brands that we offer:

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