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The earlier that hearing loss is diagnosed, the easier it is to treat. Treating it early also reduces the likelihood of hearing worsening in the future and can even reduce the symptoms of conditions like tinnitus.

Knowing what to look out for is important. It’s easy to play off small changes in hearing as temporary and get used to them in time, but this can lead to further hearing loss in the future. As soon as you think you may have one of the below symptoms, it’s important to speak to an audiologist. They can conduct a proper hearing test with you and speak to you about the best options for treatment.

1. High-pitched sounds become more difficult to hear

The cells in your ear that pick up high-pitched sounds are often the first to fail. This means that the beginning of hearing loss is commonly marked by difficulty to understand someone with a high-pitched voice, such as women or children. Things like a microwave beep or a whistle will also sound muffled or quiet.

2. Being exhausted after social events

If you’re struggling to hear people speaking in busy social situations, your brain will attempt to fill in the gaps. This helps you make sense of what other people are saying. Unfortunately, this uses a lot of energy, especially if you’re in a group setting. This can leave you feeling especially tired afterwards. You might not even realise your brain is doing it, so if you consistently feel exhausted after social events, speak to an audiologist.

3. Difficulty following conversations in busy places

Having difficulty following conversations in places such as busy restaurants, a shopping centre, or a pub can be a symptom of hearing loss. Changes in how your brain processes sound when dealing with hearing loss can make it harder to tune out background noise and focus on conversations.

4. The volume on the TV or radio keeps going up

This is more likely to be noticed by a friend or family member. If someone in your house complains that you’re listening to the radio or TV too loudly but it sounds normal to you, it’s time to speak to an audiologist and get a hearing test.

5. A clogged feeling in your ears

Often, we associated a clogged feeling in our ears with a hearing infection or an earwax blockage. You should always speak to a doctor or audiologist if you have this feeling. If your ears are clear and healthy, it could be an early sign of hearing loss.

Be aware of these symptoms and mindful of small changes in your hearing. Don’t ignore even minor changes as they can be a symptom of a larger or developing problem. If you have any concerns or notice any differences, it’s important to speak to an audiologist. You can book an appointment with one of our expert audiologists easily through our booking form or by calling 01279 757077.