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As we enter the cold months of the New Year, your attention may have turned to the additional steps you can take to maintain your ear health in what can be a very challenging time. Taking care of your hearing in the cold months shouldn’t cause you worries if you take considerable care.

The winter months commonly bring more moisture build-up and nasty ear infections. You may also find yourself struggling with the performance of your hearing technology. Please be assured that these problems are normal and experienced by many. This is due to the lack of fat insulating our ears and the increased chance of developing infections over colder periods. Read on for our advice and do not be afraid to give us a call for further information.

Do not isolate yourself!

There’s no need to fear the cold conditions, as long as you’re wary of the potential harms. Make sure to consider safe activities which allow you to feel comfortable. You can avoid extremely cold temperatures by going out when the day feels a little warmer. We suggest avoiding mornings or the evening.

If you do head out into the cold, make sure you take regular breaks to heat up and head home when you’re feeling vulnerable. Although uncommon, ‘Exostosis’ is when bone abnormally grows in your ear due to excessive cold. The result is a blocked eardrum, muted hearing, and potential infection. We advise wrapping up in warm clothing and keeping your ears covered with hats, scarves and a hooded coat.

Over-ear protection

Consider wearing over-ear protection to prevent water damage to your device. For further protection, we suggest purchasing a dehumidifier, which is a specialised drying canister for hearing aids.

Condensation is likely to occur at this time of year and requires regular attention. Ensure you wipe your devices down and open the battery door to allow them to dry out. Moisture can damage the microphone and receiver of your hearing aids and can clog the earmold tubing and sound, causing corrosion. If you notice any changes in your hearing device, such as static sound, stopping and starting or cutting out, give us a call on 01279 757077.

Lastly, specialised earmuffs can be purchased specifically for controlling noise reduction, as well as keeping your ears protected from moisture and adding an extra layer to keep you warm (they really are a win-win!). They’re definitely worth purchasing as they come in handy at many points in the year!

Health and regular check-ups

Remember to eat healthily, partake in regular exercise and maintain a consistent sleeping pattern. These factors all contribute to a healthy body and boosted immune system.

If you develop an ear infection or notice any changes in your hearing, speak to your GP or get in touch with us at