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We always stress the importance of communicating with loved ones and engaging in activities to avoid social isolation when suffering from hearing loss, but it’s also important to take a break for the good of your mental health and to avoid ‘listening-fatigue’.

Below you will find five ideas to inspire you to wind down and allow yourself some ‘me-time’. We would love to know your top tips, so head to our Facebook page by clicking here and sharing what you’re getting up to this summer. Read below for our 5 activities to give your hearing a break this summer.


Any form of exercise is great but for those who don’t enjoy it, try yoga! You’re free to move however you like and stretch out your body. There’s limited noise involved, so you’re free to give your hearing a rest. It will really put your mind and ears at rest.


It’s a great way of using all the muscles in your body whilst soaking up vitamin D. With little noise other than fresh air, leaves and tweeting of birds, you’re bound to feel relaxed.

We can’t always trust British weather, so if the sun lets you down, why not try a bit of housekeeping!


Follow a recipe and enjoy the tastiest of creations. You can always get a friend or family member involved for a memorable day.

Reading, games or puzzles:

Take a seat and chill for the day. Get lost in a book, play games with loved ones or train your brain with an exciting puzzle. The fulfilment of a win or solving that difficult sudoku is second to none!


Staying in a tent in the middle of a field isn’t for everyone, but it does make you appreciate nature. Take in your surroundings, and relax.

We understand that hearing loss isn’t just a physical matter. It is normal to experience changes in your mental health. Our team are happy to discuss ways to manage these issues. Whether it be through our tinnitus help strategies or support for friends and family.