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Aeroplane travel for people with hearing loss can be challenging. From pre-flight security to gate change announcements and noisy in-flight environments, it may even be enough to put some people off travelling!

Here are some tips to make flying a bit easier.

Getting through security with hearing aids…
Hearing aids can be taken through airport security, they don’t set off the metal detectors, so you won’t need to take your devices out before you walk through. In fact putting your hearing aids in the plastic trays on the conveyor belt can sometimes generate static electricity, which may cause damage to your hearing aids so it is better to wear them!

Announcements and Entertainment…

Crew announcements can be unclear. Don’t be shy to speak to a crew member and ask for announcements to be relayed to you in person. The safety briefing is an essential reminder of what to do in an emergency, so even if you can’t hear it all clearly, watch the crew demo and read the safety card.

On-board entertainment may not have captioning which could spoil your enjoyment of the films. So don’t forget to pack a book for the flight or download some games onto your mobile device for in-flight entertainment.

Avoid ear discomfort… 

Chewing gum or sucking on boiled sweets will help equalise air pressure in the eustachian tubes. This will ensure that the air in the middle ear is constantly being replenished. This constant cycle of air ensures that the air pressure on both sides stays equal.