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Our hearing is a key part of our everyday lives. From laughing with loved ones, listening to music, and savouring the sounds of nature – our lives are full of sound that we all want to cherish. Therefore, it’s important for us to take care of our hearing. Yet, hearing loss can often go unnoticed or undiagnosed, especially as it often begins gradually. In the UK, 6.7 million could benefit from hearing aids but only about 2 million people use them! It’s crucial that hearing loss is detected in the early stages, to allow you more options for treatment.

In this blog, we will discuss signs that you’re experiencing hearing loss and why it’s important to discover hearing complications at an early stage. We will also cover why seeking help from your local hearing care centre is crucial for maintaining your hearing care.

We also want to take this opportunity to show you the brand new TV ad our sister company has been working on! The Hearing Care Centre’s ad is now live on SkyTV channels, so keep an eye out!You can read more about the project towards the end of this blog, or you can watch it by clicking here!

The importance of discovering hearing loss early

If hearing loss is left unaddressed, it can worsen and have a profound impact on your quality of life. It can influence your communication, personal relationships, and emotional well-being. Therefore, it is extremely important to discover in the early stages, so that it can be addressed by a hearing care specialist.

Signs of hearing loss

Hearing loss often occurs gradually, which makes it very easy to overlook the early signs or accept it as a new ‘normal’ for yourself. However, by being aware of the signs of hearing loss, you can help yourself or loved ones catch it early! Here are some common signs of hearing loss to look out for in an everyday environment:

  1. Difficulty in conversations: If you or a loved one is frequently asking people to repeat themselves, or struggling to understand and follow conversations, this could be an early sign of hearing loss!
  2. Struggling in noisy environments: If you find yourself or a loved one struggling to follow conversations in restaurants, parties, or crowded spaces, it may be worth doing a hearing test! We offer a free online hearing test, that will give you an overview of your hearing health in just 3 minutes!
  3. Turning up the volume: If you find yourself cranking up the TV or radio, to levels that others find too loud – it could be a sign of a hearing loss. Furthermore, if you find loved ones watching their favourite show at an extreme volume, it could be worth asking them to go for a hearing test. They may think that the volume is at a ‘normal’ level and may not even realise that they are struggling with their hearing!
  4. Ringing in the ears: If you are experiencing persistent ringing or buzzing sounds, you may be suffering with tinnitus, which is often associated with hearing loss. If you are experiencing these sounds, book a consultation with our friendly audiologists who will be able to help you with Tinnitus management.

To find out more about hearing loss and how we can help, click here.

We’re now on TV!

Our sister company, The Hearing Care Centre in Colchester, are delighted to share their new project – a brand new TV advert!

We’ve taken an exciting leap into the world of TV and produced our first TV ad. It’s been so much fun learning how to do this and finding the courage to be in front of a camera. We’re delighted to show you the finished work and maybe you might see it when watching a SkyTV channel over the next month too!

We thought carefully about you when making the TV ad as we wanted to reflect a scenario that you’d recognise. With this in mind, we chose a cosy cafe for the opening scene as so often we hear from our new clients that it is cafes and restaurants where they first start to notice difficulties caused by hearing loss. In this type of setting where people gather, the background noise can cause conversation to become difficult. So, our opening scene was a deliberate step to raise awareness about how this problem can be overcome.

Of course, you’ll already know the benefits of seeking professional help and getting the right solutions for your hearing so that you confidently go out and meet up with friends and family in cafes and restaurants. Our team of audiologists work hard to ensure you get the best hearing solutions to suit your needs and lifestyle. As we say at the end of the TV ad, come and let our family care for your family’s hearing, brilliantly!

The advert is now LIVE on SkyTV, so keep an eye out! If you don’t have access to SkyTV, don’t worry! You can watch the ad below.

With hearing loss being a common, yet often overlooked condition, it should be taken seriously. Early detection in everyday environments is key to maintain hearing health and overall well-being! If you suspect hearing loss in yourself, or a loved one, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Let our family help your family! Book a consultation with our friendly audiologists who will provide you with any assistance.