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A trip to the cinema is a fantastic way to take your mind away from everyday life and experience a new world, free from distraction. It’s a great way to entertain the grandchildren but can also be enjoyed on your own! Sadly, many of those who struggle with hearing loss are afraid of going to the cinema due to worries that they won’t understand the storyline or be able to lip-read quick enough to keep up.

Fortunately, thanks to rapid advancements in technology, the entertainment industry can provide adaptations that contribute towards providing inclusivity for all their customers. Read on to learn more about how your next cinema trip will be better than ever.


More subtitled screenings are becoming available, with many cinemas introducing listening equipment to further enhance visitors’ experience. The process is easy, just check out your local cinema for all the information you need. Alternatively, click here to pick your next film and the best location for you.

Hearing equipment

Two more exciting developments in the world of cinemas are hearing loops and infrared systems.

  • A hearing loop sends sound from a source, such as a microphone at a counter, straight to your hearing aid (when on the T setting). Hearing loops are generally found in public spaces such as the ticket office or refreshment counter and can even be found in some screenings.
  • Infrared systems are designed for when you’re sitting in the screen watching the film, as hearing loops may pick up sounds from other screens. For more cinema-specific information, contact your local cinema to ask for their individual arrangements and how they will work for you.

How we can help

At DigiClear, we pride ourselves on treating each client like family and focus on providing the care and advice that is best for you. If there are activities which you are struggling with, book a meeting to speak to one of our experts.

Nothing is ever too much of a struggle. We’re here to help. We can tailor your hearing devices to meet your needs and lifestyle.