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For those of you who love sports and struggle with hearing loss, you may find watching and participating a particularly difficult challenge. We’re here to reassure you that hearing loss doesn’t mean that you should have to miss out on your favourite hobbies. Take a look at 4 ways to enjoy sports with hearing aids despite your hearing loss.

Watching with hearing aids

Invest in an amplifier for your home

With huge improvements made in hearing technology, it may be a worthwhile investment to install an amplifier for your TV. These devices enable your TV’s audio to connect to your hearing aids directly via Bluetooth, meaning that family members won’t complain about how loud the football is!

Many of our hearing aid suppliers such as Widex, AudioService and ReSound provide a range of these devices to purchase. Ask your audiologist for more information when you next visit a clinic!

Use subtitles

Perhaps an amplifier is too much of an investment, or maybe you’re in the pub watching the rugby, and they don’t have the facilities you have at home. You may find it useful to read subtitles when enjoying TV. They’re likely already on in pubs for example, or can be turned on if required, so there is no need for you to miss out on the commentary when watching sports with hearing aids.

Participating in sports

Use protection for your hearing aids

Depending on the sport you’re playing, it’s best to know a few different ways to protect your hearing aids. Games like badminton and bowls build up a sweat, so your main concern is preventing your hearing device from getting wet. Some simple ways of reducing the risk of damage include wearing a headband, reducing the amount of sweat reaching your device from your forehead, and even sweat-absorbing pouches to keep the aid in place whilst playing.

However, physical games like rugby need a more protective solution. It might be a good idea to add a clip to your arsenal of protectors. Having an attachment to your clothes prevents damage to the device from a fall.

When having protective headwear, make sure they’re fitted correctly

Cycling is a great way for people to stay in shape, and when riding it’s essential to wear a protective helmet. Issues for hearing aid wearers can occur if helmets aren’t fitted properly as this can knock your devices out of place. It’s important to prevent this! It would be terrible to be cycling on a busy road for example and not hear the traffic, so it is paramount to have your helmet properly fitted.

We hope you’ve taken away some helpful information on how you can enjoy watching and participating in sports with hearing aids. For more advice on tailoring devices to your lifestyle, talk to your audiologist. With a wealth of accessories and devices types available, we’re confident we’ll find the hearing loss solution to suit your needs.